A long time ago, I used to be active in a Harry Potter forum called Chamber of Secrets. It still exists, but due to a redesign, my posts are gone. I just checked and they’re upgrading their forum software again. Anyway, they had a fan fiction section and once I tried my hand at writing in the Harry Potter universe.

I’ve written stories since as long as I can remember, usually making up stuff of my own and hence, not making much of a splash. Fan fiction is a good writing exercise provided you can write. I’ve read many a work that doesn’t respect form, grammar or even proper punctuation but gets enough of a splash and readership because it’s set in a known universe and promises action, adventure or the most often desired theme of romance unlike the original work ever delivered. The deliverance sometimes leaves much to be desired but fans will fall in love with just the idea. That being said, once in a while you find someone’s really good with the pen and has genuinely good storytelling skills and suddenly a stage and an audience that appreciates the subject. If you’re lucky then you will get people who will actually appreciate your writing skills and be willing to read more stuff from you.

However, if you go into one of these forums to highlight your writing prowess having no love for the universe you’re writing in, you will be identified in a minute and your work relegated to the darkest corner of the site without as much as a sign of recognition. The same if you paint a favorite character in a bad light.

I draw parallels to singing. You can’t sing a song that you hate. You will forget the words, you will not know the inside little tricks of it (there’s a part in Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me where a real fan will clap twice, anybody who’s only heard the song on the radio/cd will have no clue). The only exception to this rule is if you’re the original singer/author of the song. Some artists get so tired of their first songs that they hate them, but theirs is the version fans take as canon regardless.

I’m straying away from the subject, huh? Ok, let me get back on track. Harry Potter. Yeap.

Anyway, I used to be an avid fan of the Potterverse. I had read most on the subject, specially everything concerning Hogwarts Castle. I wasn’t too thrilled about the way the series ended, but I did find some potential for some of the characters – specially the adults. So what I did is pick a time in which the kids are not at the school, put all the adults inside and have them find a dead body.

Hence I had a murder-mystery at Hogwarts, which I named The Filch Factor. I actually wrote a whole draft first and then posted it chapter by chapter. I only had seven people that commented on the story but they were all enthralled and I was flying high. You guys might be a bit more of a grownup audience but I’m going to try you anyways.

Stay tuned 🙂

Note: If you want to read from the beginning, it starts here.

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