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Superhero Weekly: Reign, Don’t Run

Midseason finale time!

Do I even need to say it? Although I will nitpick about both these episodes, Supergirl wins this week with Reign. Easily, the better thought episode that capitalized on a slow build up. While that cat is now finally out of the bag, the Flash went a different way. Two characters, Barry and Caitlin were each kidnapped by their current nemesis. There’s a twist at the end that relies on a ton of exposition and although there’s some merit, there was little payoff.

Let’s start in National City.

(Source: The CW)

Highs, Lows and Ancient Prophesies:

Okey, time to speed up to Central City.

(Source: The CW)

Highs, Lows and Flying Armchairs:

That will do for now.