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Superhero Weekly: I Wake Up, Therefore I Am. Wow

Now that was a nice double turnaround!

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with both Supergirl and The Flash last week. They’ve made up for it this week and then some. The big honors go to Supergirl because with this show, last week’s episode is vindicated somewhat. The amount of revelations and progress was astounding, making me appreciate the “homey-ness” from last week as a breather before the storm. The Flash a little less so, but it really got serious with Therefore I Am. Let’s get to it.

(Source: The CW)

Highs, lows and revelations:

And now for a considerably better episode than last week, let’s turn to STAR Labs.

(Source: The CW)

Highs, lows and high education:

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That will do for now.