Don’t bother try to look up previous entries, it’s my first post since I got sick.

I didn’t heed the warning signs, but I had been coughing already. Then on Wednesday, as I went out for the evening for a dinner with my boss, I opted for only a light jacket. A few hours after coming back home, I felt the fever coming in.

Today I seem to be a bit better but still dizzy. Either the fever has gone down or finally the meds broke through, either way it’s a relief. Feverish dreams are wicked.

Now, I’ve always had a fascination with dreams. Ever since I’ve managed to have a few victories in my life, my dreams changed. As a kid and a teenager I had the usual frustrating dreams where a bully-monster pursued me or punched me and I was too weak to do anything. Or that dream where there’s something at the top or bottom of the stairs or right behind you that can be the devil itself coming to get you. At a certain point in my life (the Canada move) those dreams still appeared but the outcome would change – I would beat up the bully, I would climb the stairs, I would face whatever fear I had right in the face and scare it away. In a lot I become aware in the middle of the dream.

But when I am sick, and particularly with a fever, dreams become really strange. I had a dream that turn into some sort of video game (I don’t play them that much anymore). I had some sort of gun that wouldn’t fire… then I filled it up with liquid nitrogen and proceed to freeze up every enemy around. Then again, I have been watching Mythbusters constantly the past few days.

The other dream that I can recall was one of those that had seemed to go on forever before I could remember the plot. Essentially, my life was a dream, I had woken up and my parents (mom…) were trying to get us (my sister and I) ready to get back to school/college/university. We were adults but still it seemed like a school since I had to wear a uniform… Then I was aware my mom was not with us anymore and the dream dissolved into nonsense.

Back to the real world, it’s been a miserable four days with miserable weather and I still have a cold. I have been missing my friends a lot lately, but it seems most of them are still in hibernation. On top of it, I can’t do anything with a cold except rest and get better.

I’ve changed my cooking to a low sodium one, where I just don’t use salt at all and everything I get either has zero or no sodium. It’s been challenging, but I think I can make it. However, during these last days I’ve had to at least had chicken soup. Readily-made soup has a high content of sodium, but at least I found one that promised 25% less of sodium that their regular soup.

That will do for now.