I had one of those Saturdays in which I stumble into a problem and then stay home all day hoping to solve it though I can’t. At least I had some TV to watch. Today I was making a list of a lot of things that I have to get done that involve money, health and taxes… but rather than worrying about it I decided to go to the pub instead and get some breakfast while blogging.

I filled up my hard drive with TV Shows that I was getting from iTunes and now I have these downloads that are stuck in a problem state. It’s not in my hard drive, it’s in my download queue… in Apple’s iTunes servers. I troubleshooted all morning, gave up and send an email to Apple, and just watched some of the episodes I have downloaded. Then my bluetooth crapped up. And I got a notice that my bandwidth has been exceeded.

So I sulked for an hour or two. Then I gave up and just watched TV.

I’ve been watching Storage Wars on A&E lately. There was an all-day marathon yesterday and I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s reality… but with a purpose. We follow thzese four people that go to auctions of abandoned bins and bid on the right to scavenge through it to get stuff to sell. They get to look without going in before they bid. If they find something strange they go have it appraised and sometimes it’s valuable and sometimes it’s crap. At the end they total what everyone won or lost. It’s really entertaining to me.

Mythbusters has been my favorite show for a long time. Now Discovery has an actual HD version of itself that I can access without an additional fee and it really makes a difference. I decided that I’ve always loved the show enough that I want to have the actual seasons from iTunes. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea. I overspend and that led to my hard drive problem. Now I still have 5 episodes that are stuck in semi-download state and dealing with an apple representative that doesn’t seem to understand that I’ve already tried everything in the apple forums… all that said, most of the show did get here after I freed space and I’m enjoying watching how the show has progressed through the seasons.

The Mentalist is a mainstream series that a friend of mine got me into and I have to say it’s fun. There’s an overall plot that you can follow or just the main plot of the episode. Bravo runs old episodes every day at 8, but I have all of them so they usually become my third option if there’s nothing on Discovery or A&E.

I have been cooking a lot lately but decided to stop blogging every single dish. I did do a curry chicken dish and a rice shrimp that turned out great. The curry chicken was made on the oven… I should have opted to eschew the curry sauce and just cook the chicken – it really didn’t need a thing. I found myself enjoying the parts of the chicken that had no curry on it just because cooking on an oven makes everything tasty.

My poultry and seafood wares are depleted so I went grocery shopping last night. I just got some chicken breasts because I haven’t decided if to go for shrimp, beef (woah) or even fish (never cooked it before!) as my alternate protein source during the week.

At some point this afternoon is the Superbowl, so I’m going to be back at this pub. I think, I will leave my mac air at home.

That will do for now.