ImageEver notice that for everyone that is annoyed at paying so much for their insurance, rent, cable, internet connection, smartphone, etc. there is someone who has this secret on how to get one of those services or perks for less or even free?

It always involves some particular trick that for the person who’s talking is extremely easy, but for the rest of the world it’s a bit more complex.

Typical ones relate to getting the new super-high-tech smartphone. How many times have you heard someone said they can get it for free because they can pretend they’re cancelling their account and the phone company considers them so valuable that they’re willing to just give them what they want for nothing.

Are all these tricks for real? I don’t know. I know that I’ve noticed I myself tend to act all high and mighty over getting something seemingly impossible or usually highly expensive for free. The truth is that it usually has some sort of cost that involves a high degree of hassle that some people don’t consider taxing at all while others would rather dodge it altogether.

Can you get out of bill, ticket or get a free meal by being annoying and flying into a fit of rage? Even then, wouldn’t you just contribute to an ever increasing negative demeanor in all those around you? Spoiling someone’s day may seem like getting away with it, but do you want to be the reason for those people to spoil someone else’s day in turn? I do not. If I have to make someone else feel like shit to get what I want, is it really worth it?

Everyone knows a loophole money wise. Some are very good, worth listening to. But some require a degree of complication that not everyone is ready to put up with. Like the whole boxing day deals. If it really means waiting hours outside in the middle of winter to then get into a fight and a hassle with a lot of people who also waited hours outside, I really don’t want it.

And then, there’s technical skills mixed with shady stuff. Jailbreaking phones. Using proxies to get stuff reserved for the US. Some people do consider these simple achievements because they’re already technical. How do you assure someone who has never done tech that they’re not risking ending with a non-functional device or having to go back to the provider of their service to pay a fine or not getting their money back because they voided the warranty of their device?

Oh come on, it’s easy. All you have to do is… (insert tecnobabble here) …and then put in your name and the blood type of your first born child… (more tecnobabble) …and presto you get a japanese credit card that you never have to pay as long as you only use it on Tuesdays at noon and forge the signature from your great grandmother. The only caveat is you can only use it to buy dog food, but it’s free for life!

Okey, I might be overdoing it just a tad. I’m just saying… listen. It might turn out, you can do it. But don’t feel bad if you’d rather not.

I know a lot of the keepers of these hacks seem to believe that “you’re stupid if you don’t do it” but this is not high school. I can live with someone’s negative opinion of me, and paying a little extra for saving myself what for me (and again, it might not be the same for you) sounds like a lot of stress is, in the end, still my decision.

That will do for now.