It’s 10:45 on my clock, and I’ve finally finished the entry on the other blog. That’s the busy one, dedicated to the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar. It’s incredible how slow and cumbersome I seem to be during mid-week evenings. I barely get dinner and one blog entry done.

It’s this blog that I’ve once more dropped into disarray. Unfortunately, this is once more a compilation-entry of all the things that I seem to have been too busy to lay out in front of me and just make happen.

Yesterday, I had a chat with a couple of friends and as usual I talked my head off. I have one story in the works, not the best one, nothing that I’ve been planning for years, it’s just one story that I’ve yet to make into a tangible plot. I told my friends about it and they seem to like it.

The whole point of this story is to keep writing it and see if I can finish it and if I can make it a worth a read. I started with one scene in the middle – two characters meeting each other. One of the characters will seem to have all the cards in his hand, all the power to control and command. The other one will seem at a complete disadvantage but will appear curiously confident. How does it turn it out I have no idea because I have yet to get to that part. If I write my characters correctly, they will take me there – unless they want to go somewhere else.

I have another blog that was supposed to be only about the finished stories but I can’t seem to bring myself to  update it. Now I’m considering publishing that story here. I will have to fish out what could be the first chapter and see if it makes a decent, albeit long as hell, entry.

I’ve got a lot stuff that I keep putting off… I need to get off my butt and start getting some of these errands done. And somehow, I have to be able to use my evening time to cook, blog twice and try to write something on the story project.

That will do for now. Yawn.