Well, it was my fault. After talking so much about people who are socially impaired, I committed a faux pas and talked when I should’ve kept my mouth shut. Yes, I promised myself I wasn’t going to go emo on the blog, but this was a complete Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment.

We all know socially impaired people. They have lived their lives without learning skills some of us consider basic but somehow managed to reach adulthood and then… they ran into you. Sometimes it’s the little things. You didn’t listen to something they said, or forgot they don’t like pasta or that they’re afraid of green cars or whatever (I am making this up, this is not about you pasta haters and green-motor-vehicular-phobia sufferers). Then they can’t drop it. They won’t drop it.

There’s a guy back in my homeland that still hates me because I didn’t tell him that the soda refills were free at the Tony Roma’s in Mexico City and he had to pay for his water back in 1998 (true story).

The idea is that you’d think that somewhere in elementary school or high school (or collegue, I am trying to be lenient) they learned that BFF’s don’t hang onto your every word and that people need space. Chill. Breathe. Grow up.

But it was me who decided to spill rumor and gossip like I was in high school. I have to learn to shut the Foxtrot up. I think I enjoy gossip too much. I should learn to keep things to myself rather than propagating hearsay. No, this is one that will not get better if I talk about it. I need to learn to stop and listen.

Yes, a bit emo but I did make it somewhat constructive in the end, I hope. Also, I have to let other people talk :/

On the tech front! I took the Lion OS X plunge. Did the mini first and when it was completed, I tested a couple of old games (the Lion is supposed to not have Rosetta support which disables some old games I’m told) but they were working up to what I tested. So I decided to go ahead and proceed to update the air. Since I use the same store in both, I think it only charged me once but I’m not sure – it did force me to download it twice.

On the writing front, I have a new story on the works… right now it only has a working title until I can give it something proper. I’m two chapters in. The whole story is based on one scene… but as I started with the premise which seems to hold, I have been able to come up with at least one possible twist that will have implications later. As long as it holds my attention, it’s worth working on.

On the blogging front, I have kept up the other blog but not this one. This one is still a bit of a scatter brain. I know how to make the other blog interesting. Perhaps I should rethink this approach and use some of the tricks learned over there.

On the comic front, totally went digital. Paperless. No pulp. Well, except from the comics from a while ago.

That will do for now.