Last Sunday, I was fiddling around with some of the apps – not the phone ones but the actual pc (ok, mac) ones and I remembered I had downloaded this OmmWriter some time ago.

It turned out to be just what I needed. I had one story idea and managed to write a complete first chapter. It’s a full screen text editor without any bells and whistles – but a simple background and light music. It’s the idea of giving you a zen environment to write. Either it was my turn to finally put an idea on paper or it was just a really good idea, but it came out. I may either revive the other site or put it up here directly.

Do you use a mac? Do you know it’s a unix distro? Yes, it is. After two something years of using macs I’m still a new guy from the pc world. What’s worst, I can’t believe when I go into forums and see advance questions. Like, say I’m compiling my own version of an application from source and I have a question about the configure script provided. Most Mac forums will only give you blank looks when they hear that. You guys do know there IS a command line in a Mac, right?

So about this several-years-long-writers-block that just went down, why do I have to have a headache today? I know I should not be writing about it, but why darn it! Because the office turned off the AC and we were breathing nothing but stale air for most of the day. That can’t be good.

I snarled my way to a pharmacy since I had exhausted all my headache medication. I almost ran over some teenagers. I can’t be nice when I have a migraine pulsing in my head, sorry.

Will see how it goes later, and if my headache goes down I will go back to writing.