21 of the 77 victims (Source: Reuters)

On July 22, about 77 people, according to the last count, lost their lives in a combined attack from a bombing and a shooting spree. The police have one person in custody who has confessed to the murders and is awaiting trial. The name is being repeated over an over on the media as well as his manifesto and his declarations against… well, everyone.

If you claim to be a member of a particular religion and hate another to the point of considering their murder your sacred duty you’re committing acts of violence that are even more offensive to the religion you say you belong to.

However, these are the faces of the people that should be remembered. I really don’t want to see the face of the criminal on my screen.

This is not an act of religious extremism. This is not a religious statement. This is a CRIME. Nothing more, nothing else. I don’t understand the reason why we put on white gloves and tip toe around CRIMES whenever religious zealotry is involved.

You know what a christian extremist is? I will tell you what it’s not – it’s not a christian. A so called “christian extremist” is no more a christian than a “muslim extremist” should be called a muslim.

Since some time ago, the media has acquired the terms “extremist”, “radical” and my personal non-favorite, “fundamentalist” to tack on to any religious zealot who decides to use interpretations from outdated terminology found in subjective religious text to justify a crime.

I propose a different term: “misguided”

Religious person are not supposed to consider themselves above the deity of their choice. So why is it that fanatics believe they are above the law? Because they are criminals, plain and simple.

You are not only responsible for your acts regardless of your beliefs but actually you are responsible because of your beliefs. Believe responsibly. Act humanly.