I discovered something about myself when I went to Nashville. Yes, I do like country music and comfort food but more than that, I like to be at peace. I love Montreal too, and that’s why my love for cities is a bit torn, but I know I’m a city person… who likes to live at his own pace.

Some years back, a former boss of mine told me that he was ok with me being stressed all the time because I’m wired that way. What I have discovered, and it was evident to me during my vacation in Nashville is that I can rewire my mind. I think I can be a peaceful person rather a cool-to-stressed-in-5-seconds kind of guy.

Takes some effort not to rush, not to jump to conclusions, not to expect the worst. Mostly it requires me to stop thinking a million moves ahead. Just what’s in front will do. Of course, this is is an oversimplification. You still need to stock wood for the winter and save up money for when you possibly will need it. This is not about throwing up your life savings in a binge of excess, it’s more about living at the pace you are comfortable at.

No big changes, just little ones will do. Getting early to work guarantees me I’m ready to tackle issues with a bit more time. At the same time, leaving on time rather than staying at the office means I get more free time a day to enjoy. It’s also about… not caring. Sounds cold, but the only way I seem to get through my day is knowing when to stop caring about job issues.

It’s not what an employer wants to hear, is it? Most traditional employers want you to think about your work 24-7, sweat blood and bullets about issues that haven’t been solved,  work nonstop all throughout the day with no breaks as well as through nights and weekends. You have to give them the impression that not only you’d live for working for them, you’d probably die too. It’s a sick mentality. Nobody on their deathbed utters: “I wish I’d put more hours at work.” At the end of the day it’s just the means to an end, which is having money for food, clothes and a roof above your head.

And of course, to afford some potentially cool kick-ass relaxing vacations 🙂