I’m always out of time lately. There seems to be a zillion things to do and I can find no time to do other things.

I can dream...

Like this blog. So, now that I’m positively overloaded with the need to do stuff, I have to sacrifice time from the only thing remaining: sleep.

But it’s no good to lose sleep. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no other time frame.

So the last six? eight? ten? weeks have been busy. It’s a good kind of busy but things have been slipping. Health took a dive, one that I still get to hear from Dad regarding how I should take better care of myself. I don’t want to live my life taking care of myself. I want to live. And if that means dying, then so be it.

However, there’s some improvements toward balance to be made.

I want to stop thinking about bloody murder when I think about certain people that I’ve met in my life. Their level of stupidity and my lack of self assertiveness made me a prime target for these leeches. The last one took a while to get over with, and from time to time I still remember them. None of them were mean, they just had no idea what I was about but were genuinely convinced they had me figured out better than I knew myself.

That’s a big thing with me. If you ever try to tell me that I can’t do something I want because I’m not that kind of person, I will, irrevocably, blow up. However, it does help that in my life I’ve got people that actually do know me, and know about me and the reason they do is that they took the time to listen to me rather than try to lecture me. These have become true friends that I owe my life and my sanity.

Even I have to admit that mental and spiritual balance can’t come without physical stability. So, I really really really need to improve the nutrition and exercise department. Nutrition I was forced to jump start do to constant sickness. It’s not only about getting vegetables and fruit in my daily regime but also eat a little more varied. Seafood can be really tasty and sometimes I go weeks without it. On the other hand, I will need to do some daily walking/pushups or something at least to make sure I have some sort of physical condition.

Weekend is coming up and not much is planned. Gotta start planning.