Mont Royal 02-04-2011

I’ve really been using the mac air everyday. Like even more than the mac mini. I can even take it to work and everything. Actually, today I managed to do something I’ve always wanted. I took the air to the top of Mont Royal (my legs still hurt) and connected to the internet from there using my iphone’s personal hotspot (new name for “tethering”). Worked out great. The hill is still cold though, it’s in that mush state between snowy and muddy.

I started to read again. It’s The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro. It was good but now it’s falling into a bit of predictability. Or perhaps is the writer in me wanting to write a better story. Yes, I know how vane that sounds – I’ve read Stephen freakin’ King and thought about writing a better story. I’m not saying I can write their stories better. I’ve just wanted to stop reading that book and start writing. It’s not that the writing was bad, it’s more than when I’m reading and I get bored I want to write something better.

One of my guilty pleasures if I could afford it, would be staying up late to watch Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show. The monologues are amazing. However since I can’t really stay up that late without consequences, I can always find more than a few clips on YouTube.

A bit about the Oscars

A compilation of best moments

The Dr Who episode

Anyways, I’ve been having a bit of sleep issues lately… well about a week ago. Then I started going to bed around 1am or even midnight and then I managed to start getting up earlier this week. Even managed to get into work earlier. As you can probably guess, I have had this post on hold for two weeks. I don’t remember everything I wanted to cover anymore.

I’m getting back into the racing games with Asphalt, a racing game from the App Store. Managed to pair the PS3 six-axis controller to both the mini and the air and play using it. Rocks but I suck at it so far.


Asphalt 6 Adrenaline
Asphalt 6 Adrenaline


Also, there’s this Hoard game about to launch in Steam I’m getting curious about. You play a dragon hoarding up treasure, how cool is that? It’s an overview from above, and small icon-like graphics. Looks good to me for some reason. Releases on Monday.




I’m buying it even if it sucks. Most likely the one that will suck will be me trying to play it.

Tomorrow, the ACMs! Rooting for T ­čÖé