Boy, I haven’t blogged in a long time… Okey so first of all, lots of inside time lately. It’s friggin’ cold! Then… I get nostalgic a lot lately. Have a look, this is sort of a documentary-ish kind of clip, but rings true with me:

Okey, except for the guy from Virgin Galactic… you can see self-promotion coming a light year away.

I hunted down and downloaded the old episodes of Dr. Who. Yeah, only the Tom Baker ones. Not really familiar with the other guys. I needed something to watch after I finished Boardwalk Empire. I also started watching anime… which I haven’t done in ages.

My tastes in sci-fi seem to have come full circle. I have gone from sci-fi to fantasy to nothing of the sort to… well, a little of everything. Ok so no full circle – more like a potpourri of tastes. A little of everything and no clear winner.

I always go back to make believe. I guess I’m not done dreaming. Hopefully I never will. Maturing is overrated. You pick up guilt and hatred and bitterness and a ton of baggage and then the whole point is getting rid of all what you’ve picked up. You rarely come up without two or three of those. I haven’t escaped unscathed I’m afraid to admit.

That will do for now.