Fantasy ComposingGood morning.

The weekend was a bust since the moment I got home on Friday. Almost out of nowhere, I began dealing with a very bad headache. I guess it was close, very close or very much exactly a migraine. Took two pills to shake it off. It didn’t budge. After a couple of hours, I took another pill and gave up trying to do anything but go to sleep. I didn’t go to the birthday party that evening.

It was a colleague’s birthday party. His birthday party is always a bit of a geek event, with video games and such. I had been feeling bad during the week and wasn’t sure whether to go or not. The headache (see paragraph above) made the choice for me.

Perhaps my headaches are from watching a screen too much? I still have the cold symptoms. As a matter of fact I know I had a fever the last few days as the weird dreams came.

  • One implied me watching the ocean from a high cliff. Futuristic submarines were doing maneuvers of some sort. It was really cool to watch through the clear water. I remember thinking something about HD quality, but cheesy CGI. That’s me, evaluating the resolution in dreams. Ha!
  • The other one was at my current office. It was slowly becoming my old office. I was conscious this was a dream. I kept trying to remember the name of my current office to break the spell, but couldn’t. So I picked up a paper to read something since I know that in dreams you can’t read, you just imagine you do. So if you find a paper, instead of just already knowing what it says you concentrate real hard and try to read it letter by letter, because you can’t do that without using the part of your brain that is actually inactive. That finally ended waking me up.
  • The last one is a recurring dream I haven’t had in a while. I’m running through fields and cities. People around me are turning into mythical beasts of some sort. The ones who remain unchanged get devoured. I seem to run very slowly and they are very fast, so I have no clue how I’m not getting caught. I have to make it up a huge mountain where other people turn into large dragons, snakelike beasts and flying monsters of sorts. They form some sort of colorful diorama on the side of the mountain. It breaks down as they try to catch me. There’s some sort of sanctuary at the top where I will be safe. I somehow get there and I wake up. It’s not quite that scary because everything is colorful and crisp clear. It’s like a video game.

No, I didn’t play any video games during the weekend. Yes, I took a lot of cold meds.

I think I can decipher the second dream. I’m scared that my current job would turn into my old one. Actually, it’s more of me turning into the person I was at my old job: bad-tempered, overstressed and paranoid. I still have a little of that mask on me. I don’t need it anymore, but it’s hard to shed that skin.

Speaking about fantasy art, take a look at this. Looks really cool 🙂 I have ideas for writing/creating something along these lines one day.

However, I did manage to finally get into a TV series. During the past week I’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire. I finished it last night. It’s good.

I’ve tracked down and downloaded the 12th season of Doctor Who. I remember just a little bit of it from childhood. I’ve picked out that season because according to what I’ve read, it’s when Tom Baker takes over. I think there’s a few seasons with him but this should be the first. Yeah, I still haven’t managed to watch The Walking Dead. Just feels like a little depressing… we’ll see.

I’m using the Mac Air a lot. It was really a good buy. Having the TV be the computer is fun, but when you’re writing I have to keep zooming in so the Mac Air is more comfy. Also, its the first one I feel comfortable enough to use in bed. The widescreen makes a huge difference and it can play HD video. Honestly, sometimes I just prefer to use it to the mac mini. And I’m used to the trackpad so much more now.

That will do for now.