I’m really going into the past with the titles as of late. This one is really out there. It’s the first title of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Renunciates storyline. I actually read the second book, The Endara House, first and enjoyed it more. I’ve never been able to revisit those books. Perhaps my tastes have changed, but I still remember MZB’s writing fondly in my mind. Specially her prologues and afterwords when she would talk about other young people wanting to write. She passed away a year before my Mom.

I’ve picked that particular title because, although the topics today have absolutely nothing to do with that book, the title kinda fits the post. In my mind.

There’s another blog of mine that has never seen the light of day. It was supposed to be dedicated exclusively to writing stories and posting them in blog format like weekly series or something. Like so many stories of mine, it’s never ready – and I can’t really bring myself to make it public. It has a couple of stories and then I couldn’t think of a presentation for the general site.

Writing is not a linear path for me. Far from it, I move chapters around. I start in disarray. I dump out pages of text completely. A blog format is always forward. You don’t really make people revisit old blog entries. I can’t really have you read a draft then decide I’m going to change the character that you’ve been reading about for a couple of days and tell you all that stuff is no longer valid or that it’s going to be moved to the end.

The idea attracted me in the beginning simply because I can write from anywhere and perhaps get feedback but I don’t feel like letting you go backstage. Specially when you may never get to see the main show the way I want you to.

On other news, after a year of not playing a stack of games and including some I got last Christmas and found myself never playing, I took the whole thing and went to the nearest FutureShop to use their trade in program. After some reluctance, I decided to keep two – how can I give away the Orange Box (Portal!) just to get $2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum just to get $5? That would be a slap in the face. Portal may be the last game I ever played from start to finish. On the other hand, I tried Arkham on the weekend and I started getting into it. Easy mode of course. Keeping only two games may sound little reason to keep the PS3, but the best game that actually had me playing a lot of nights is still in there: Burnout Paradise has always been the reason to keep the PS3. Also, Shatter is still in there.

The result of the trade in was a hefty gift card that I used to get my new trackpad for the mac mini. The dual digit scrolling is just a lot faster than a mouse, as I’ve learned from my mac air. To top it off, I still have a leftover that I might use later. Letting go of BlazBlue was a little hard, but I had to face the facts: most of those games had not been played for more than a year. The new trackpad also shuts itself off just like the keyboard does, unlike the mouse which caused the bluetooth assistant to go off whenever turned off or would just consume battery even if it was not in use.

Had a long chat with D this weekend. I actually enjoyed talking to him again, and have confessed that I did miss seeing both him and N last Christmas. I also managed to step out for dinner almost an entire of week of being bedridden with a nasty cold. Some effects still remain though. The dinner, with a few friends and some new ones, was good. I actually was walking back when I found three of them were going for sweets. I was all for joining them until I got to the door. Not a 100% yet. Had to go home and rest.

I also wrote a long reply to a friend I have not seen or wrote to in a long time after her mail. It felt good to write a long email. I don’t do that often these days. Short and concise are good for work. My real style is long, vague, cryptic and rambling on and on 😉

This cold seems to come and go. The fever is gone, but I still feel dazed, I still cough and sneeze. I will have to keep myself indoors for another week. I don’t think I can make the trek to my guitar class this week either. There’s a birthday party on Friday, but I can’t say right now if I can show up.

That will do for now.