The weekend was a mixed bag.

Friday was a hoot (after work was over). I shot a text to a friend and ended joining a bunch of them for drinks. I was originally thinking the igloofest but it seemed particularly cold. I also got responses for my ads I posted. Two for the netbook and none for the laptop. I answered the one offering the most. Let’s see if I hear back.

Saturday was mostly a fail… although I’ll say I did get some walking done. I’ve got this small set of exercises that I try doing every morning. I can’t get them any close to right, but I still run through the set. I’ve managed to stick to that since January 1st. Going back to Saturday, I didn’t do any shopping. Too many people to do anything.

Excellent lamb stew from B! I defrosted it a bit so I could split it in two and then heated half of it up and had it with some rice. Tasty!

Sunday was a mixed bag, but I got some things accomplish. Initially I was going to get new boots until I realized than in one of the plastic containers that I got to organize stuff there was not one but two pairs of boots that I had completely forgotten about. Good, I won’t have to face the crowds then.

I saw white bearded man again. I didn’t notice it was him until I walked past. I’m often judgmental about homeless people. Then guilt comes over me when I realize, had I not found a job I could be the same person. Either I think too much or too little about this.

A friend and work colleague made me realize I tend to be a little of an elitist regarding people that don’t speak English well, but then I get irked by francophones that have no patience for my bad accent. He said not to feel bad about it, he does it too. I am a bit of a grammar nazi.

Going back to last Thursday, I’ve restarted my guitar lessons and talked my teacher into focusing into one song instead of going all over the place. Yes, I picked Fearless. I don’t care if it takes seven weeks, I want to have it down. He seemed to like the idea.

Brad Paisley concert on Jan 29! It’s going to coincide with my friend’s birthday but I’m sure the concert will finish before midnight and I can still make the party, albeit late.

More stuff… but that will do for now.