This post is a response to Anima Blue’s Pump Up The Volume! post

My tunes right are a mix. Most are not quite the dancing ones, but the uplifting ones. You want to sing, you want to get up and act out the song alone in your room. It’s sort of my EPIC music.

Fireworks by Katy Perry makes me sing and just gets me right in the heart.

Viva La Vida by Coldplay is an anthem. Love this tune. I can replay it a hundred times and not get tired of it.

Story of Us by Taylor Swift might be the first song by her that makes you dance. Just makes me want to get up and get crazy.

Long Live by Taylor Swift is another anthem. It’s full of victory, defiance and nostalgia. You should stand up when you play this.

Hello World by Lady Antebellum is very emotional but uplifting. There’s this part that when played live they go from complete darkness to lighting up the entire stadium.

Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. No way I’m not singing this song if it comes on the radio or my iphone.

Daylight by Better Than Ezra is another uplifting tune that just soars.

Now I need to go listen to some music 🙂