Normally I can hold him back a few weeks, but I had an early sign of warning. I rarely get nosebleeds anymore, and I got one on Thursday. Usually this means the weather is going to change drastically. Friday was cold and a frost iced the sidewalks, making people dance that popular winter dance, the slide. Woah.

It was cold, and it felt even colder. I thought I’d get a few weeks, but Father Winter showed during the early hours of the morning with a virtual onslaught. There was no barrier that could hold him back. The result was a barrage of white snow spilled on the ground.

There are snowflakes flying into my balcony


Last night there were a group of people going out to a club, with some friends included. I didn’t go. I just wanted a quiet evening and went to bed early. The cold weather wasn’t helping.

Father Winter’s forces now hold Montreal in its grasp. It’s going to be a long, long occupation I’m sure. Better break out the winter armor. Do I even have boots anymore?