Lady Antebellum’s Hello World and Katy Perry’s Firework are my jams as of late, besides all the tunes in Speak Now (although I don’t care for the pop remix of Mine). I have endlessly talk about these two, and even posted the entire Firework lyrics here, so I might as well give you a look and a listen:

  • Hello World – Lady Antebellum

When Lady A plays this live they down the lights to nothing just before that silent instant at the bridge. Then they light up the place. I want to see this LIVE!

Ok, now Kitty Purry 🙂

  • Firework – Katy Perry

Yeah, I know it’s almost on the other side of the inspirational spectrum but still hits you right there. Or at least, it does for me.

I managed to get my butt up for a walk and a climb on the weekend. It was cool. Might do that in a regular basis. Although I might just stop when the snow gets here. We’ll see. Great Friday dinner and dessert binge with all the crew. We have to do it again. I had so much fun.

PicApp doesn’t work with anymore. Bummed out! Only service for that. Everything else is insanely expensive and by time and item. And I have some Tim Tams in my fridge I can’t stop thinking about. TSA is taking all my free time nowadays and I got official props (holy major readership spike, Batman!) No, I don’t have the other site ready yet. I don’t want to rush it out but I might have to either dedicate some time or just resign to the fact that it’s not worth it. Good chat with D on the weekend. It’s getting cold. Wrap yourself up.

That will do for now.