Monster Beats Solo by Dr. Dre
Monster Beats Solo by Dr. Dre

Here’s my latest acquisition (read: impulse buy). I went into my local tech dealer and got these ridiculously expensive headphones. These are the solo beats by dr. dre headphones, and so far they have addressed every single peeve I’ve had with my headphones so far. The store cut me a break if I went for the service plan which essentially meant they covered the tax amount. That’s never a bad deal in Quebec. However with the plan the price still goes up. In other words they are still ridiculously expensive – you either choose to get the service plan or not.

The sound is decent. I tried those headphones that you need to drill into your ear canal and I hate them. Also they don’t slide off my head easily, which means I can even turn my head and headphones don’t go flying all over the place. Finally, the form means they can also be worn about the neck which makes them easier to carry around.

This is the weakness of carrying over-the-ear headphones: if you don’t carry a bag or something, it’s obvious to everyone when you meet that you’ve been listening to music. I don’t know why I feel ashamed about that, it’s almost like it means that I have this entertainment option in case I don’t want to listen to you. If I’m meeting friends or going to a party, I usually go with the default iphone headphones so I can stuff them in my pocket and none is the wiser. Then again these headphones can bend and they come with a case so you can store them there, but you need a bag if you want to keep them out of sight.

Bonus winter season points: they can keep your ears warm too.

They don’t have noise reduction. I don’t like noise reduction because they way they achieve that is they play a signal into your ear. That means the headphones need a battery – weighting them down. As the NERV organization  (if you’re not an Evangelion fan, don’t worry about it) knows all too well, our advancements in battery technology are extremely limited. And you’re always listening to something. I’ve tried them at stores and though I eventually forget the signal, I see myself getting a headache just from it. These ones are built pretty light. Plus, they come with a case (they better be for the price they go for).

Finally believe it or not, the cable is more than just icing on the cake. First, it’s iphone functional. They have the iphone mike (you still have to bring the mike up close to talk), volume control and play control. The play control is really accurate, every single other headphone that swears they come with this tends to mess up and bring you to voice control once in a while. This one does not. The cable seems solid (and in my model, bright red) and not extraordinary long as other headphones come with. On top of that you can unplug it from the headphones as well with a standard slim headphone plug. The plug on the iphones is very slim and in a 90 degree angle so it’s considerably less of a stub factor when in your pocket.

Cons? They are phreakin’ EXPENSIVE. That’s the big one. Don’t want to lose these or borrow them EVER. That’s it. In the minor nuances, the fact that you can change the earmuffs means that you can inadvertently twist them off if you fiddle with them while distracted – don’t do that on a busy street or they will fall off and someone will step on them. That will not happen if you have them on. It doesn’t happen casually, but it’s better you discover how they twist off before you take them out so you know not to do it. Since I did it when they were around my neck, the earmuff was still caught between my neck and the headphone. They also clasp a bit tight around your neck – but that’s what they should do not to fall off.

Update: Cable got damaged and stopped working. Headband got damaged and a part fell off when someone ran into me. Muffs tend to fall off. Yikes.

I had Enchanted stuck in my head this morning and now I can’t stop singing Long Live. I’m loving Taylor’s Speak Now album.

Also, Lady Antebellum’s video for Hello World is finally out. Talk about a heart-wrenching moment. The song just soars. I need to see it live. See it at this link from

And finally, Katy Perry’s Fireworks video is finally out. I love this song (I posted the lyrics at some point). It’s a bit of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful with a little arena rock plus big musical number staged into it. I can’t embed the whole video since VEVO has this country lock thing. Ugh. But here’s the YouTube teaser:

That will do for now.