Say that three times fast. I haven’t read R. A. Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms novels in a long time, but trying to pick up the continuing theme of secret bases I decided to use this as a title. The name refers to the birthplace of Drizzt Do’urden, the city of spiders that exists deep underneath the earth. It’s supposed to be scary.

I’m having a hard time matching my titles to the content of my blog posts, I know. I actually wanted to title this Back To December, as I can’t get enough of Taylor Swift’s latest single. Don’t judge, just listen to it if you get a chance. I’m hearing some Lady Antebellum influence on it. Then again, I’m kind on this mellow, contemplative phase lately. I wish I’d be looking at a stay in weekend, but actually it’s a busy one.

Okey since Menzobe- oh, I can’t bother to type it again… anyway, since it’s a place of secrets and skullduggery and betrayal and poison and all… actually it’s not going to fit in at all with this post, but let’s give some secrets away. Not much of those left.

From the previous post, I’m sorry if it sounds like the relationship with my sister is strained. It’s not really, it’s in a better place, specially this year. I guess it’s me remembering christmases of the past. I’m not much for religion (rituals and such) but I respect their significance if not their literal interpretation. I believe religions…

Oh now we’re going to go into dark places, actually not so much. You’ll see.

I believe religions are local. I believe they are focused on culture, tradition, race and nationality. It’s taken me a long time to accept they have their place. Even through no little segregation and racial overtones, they do promote the idea of education and morality. As every other aspect of the culture you are brought in, they are often crooked which is why I consider them guidelines. I believe faith is universal. The strength of your spiritual belief is one thing. Your interpretation, your religion, is… big drumroll here… personal. In other words, you can absorb what you want from the sermons of your youth but what will life be depends on you. I don’t believe you can stray from the path. You’re building your own. I believe that mistakes are part of your path. I don’t believe they should be erased. They are experiences of your life. You can stray from religion, but not from spirituality. I believe in shades of gray regarding right or wrong and bright lights for your faith. Your faith means you can never really betray yourself.

I’m not saying go crazy and hold up a liquor store. If you can’t tell the extremes of what’s wrong or right then you actually need to follow religion more closely. There’s a difference between straying from the path and not knowing where the path is, and I believe that in this world religions are maps. They give you alternate routes on how to get there. Faith is your compass. You can actually make your own path if you have your own sense of direction as well (the fact that I believe it doesn’t mean that communal religions will agree with me, by the way – that’s fine). The point is I don’t believe there’s a GPS for this, so the analogy ends there. What I do believe is that in essence we don’t know where we’re going and that living our lives should not be about the end of it.

In other words, I don’t believe in suffering your entire life to win paradise. I respect immensely the patron (and matron!) figures of sainthood/patriotism/civil rights/sexual rights that gave their lives for their ideals and people’s rights and freedom. They are inspiring in their words and actions. But I fully believe that happiness is not unworthy of a deal. If you believe you’re making the world a better place by giving your own up so future generations will enjoy theirs further, more power to you. But I can’t help but see parenting figures both in true life and fiction believing that distancing yourself from your children to make a better future for them financially become surprised when their little whippersnappers turn out egothistical and cold because they received no warmth during their lives. Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees but don’t forget the trees either.

Wow, this blog really made a wide turn into somewhat uncharted territory. No, I’m not a parent. Yes, I love my parents. Shoutout to my Mom up there wherever she is, btw 🙂

By the way, life threw me a curve lately. Last week, my teacher quit at L’Academie de Guitar and this last Thursday I met my teacher. He’s latin. Good curve there, life. After getting some pointers in Spanish I asked him if we could switch to English, which he did without any questions. I think it will be good to have a new approach although I have the feeling that we’re going back a bit as he’s found that I’m a bit tone deaf and wants me to train my ear to recognize tones and tune my own guitar without a tuner.

Sorry the guys here at the office just cracked me up when some genius thought that instead of chipping in to get milk for our coffee we should all pitch in and buy a cow. Insert your own joke there.

I had this dinner party the other night with some friends, all franco. I was really struggling at some points. I can’t help but feel like a savage. They’re all civilized and polite and then I make a bad joke, use an english reference that is not funny in french or dumping food on their rug. I felt like an elephant in a porcelain store, breaking stuff anywhere and having no manners. I really hope they invite me again. To top it off, as I was leaving they give me the candle that sings the happy birthday tune as a parting gift and I honestly felt I was a joke. I really, really hope that I haven’t offended them. Perhaps I should have stayed longer but I so needed to go to bed. It’s not only that I don’t understand the language, but sometimes I feel that I’m too much of an uncivilized neanderthal around francophones. Just too… vulgar. I don’t know. I always feel like they have class and my jokes come off as a bit crass. I have to mind my manners.

I had something else but I forgot it. I think we had a little too close of our first snowfall here.

I need some sleep, Taylor’s media blitz for her upcoming album is keeping me busy and barely got some sleep last night from all that blogging. I wanted to sleep in, but I also think I wouldn’t mind looking for some new earphones, some magazines with Tay on the cover or perhaps catching some supper with a friend. Saturday I’m meeting the Breakfast Club. Hope I can make it home sometime before dark. Sunday it’s A’s walk which I’d like to do but now it’s going to depend on what the weather looks like.

Okey I need to wrap up… I can’t post Back To December. No video yet. Let’s turn to Lady A 🙂

Thanks for all the love I’m  getting lately. I humbly hope that I am returning at least some of it back.

PS: Finally I remembered. You might be asking yourself, why “The Editor”? It’s because that appears in all the logs I have and I can’t have a custom one for each. I got called that once on an email from US Weekly so I though it would be universally appropriate to all.