It has become apparent that it’s easier for me to write here than anywhere else, so I have been considering devoting a blog to just pure stories. I’ve actually already started moving the stories here to there, and have started a new story. Unfortunately, three chapters in it seems to have hit some kind of lull. I think I know where the story is going and what the middle has to be but either I skip the suspense and go straight for the reveal or I just build the suspense further. I really thought this story was going to be longer but now I don’t seem to have anything to do but start with the reveals. Then again since each reveal twists the story further, it could get fun.

I expect most people to see through the plot right at the start.

I will still speak about writing here, but I intend to publish the stories in the other blog. The problem is not every story I have written is here so some will have to be.. manually set over there. That’s a lot of work that I can’t promise to do. Perhaps I will try with just the big one and see how that goes.

The TSA blog is going well.

Last guitar class was revealing. My teacher is leaving, which means I will have to endure a change of teacher… that’s not going to be good. Or perhaps it will and I will get to kick it up a notch. Who knows. My case is busted. I wonder if it was busted during that rainy evening?

This is the song that gets continuous play on my iPhone right now:

Be careful with your wishes. They might come true. Mine do all the time.