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I’ve been on a writing mood lately, but unable to put words to paper. No, it’s not writer’s block. I find myself adding my own background narration to the most common events of the day. I have ideas coming in, way too much to put in paper at the same time.

Saturday night it was a party at my friend’s new place. I had fun. I danced the whole night through and was feeling it the next morning. It was a night of pure unadulterated fun, and I found myself loving just doing that. It did help that my friends were there, but also that people were so open. I’m glad she convinced me of staying longer. Dancing was just a joyful way to spend Saturday night.

Sunday I had the best, a huge decadent breakfast and a nice chat with A. It was so great to have a long chat and catch up. There are so few people in the world I can do that with and so little time that you have to treasure both your friends and the time you have to be with them.

The project that I was started a bit ago goes along the same path that Blank Slate. This time it’s going to be more than a little short story, so I have to put my chess pieces carefully. As I define the setting, the situation and the characters, the outcome seems to change all the time. All characters that I create at some point or another define their own story. To use the words that I said to A, sometimes the knight doesn’t fight the dragon. Sometimes the dragon doesn’t want to fight, the knight is a coward and the battle doesn’t happen. The knight runs away and the dragon hooks up with the princess.

Not every story is a twist. I like twists, but you can’t really plan for them. I’m headed for a twist in a story, then as the plot (the actual plot, ahem) runs along and as we’re getting to the big moment I find the twist doesn’t really work there. It’s anti-climatic but when it happens you can either:

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  • Rewrite the entire story for the twist, which means the story has no point whatsoever. You don’t really enjoy the story, you’re just setting up. The whole thing will be boring as hell as you’re not even enjoying it.
  • Forget about the twist and just play it by ear. You might find your own twist was pointless or just find your own story is building up to a different one at a different time. That will make writing enjoyable but now YOU don’t know what will happen.
  • You get stuck… which is not unheard of.

The best remedy for writer’s block – or flood – is, for me, reading. I have three books that I’m reading. Wait, now four. It’s getting ridiculous. I seem to have put a bigger dent in Tad Williams’ The Dragonbone Chair, so we’ll see where do that takes me. I also found Ken Follett’s Pillars Of The Earth, and Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain. As an added problem I forgot that I had started Herman Wouk’s Winds of War too. Right now Chair is the one that is getting my attention with Pillars running second. Since Chair is pocket, it’s the one that ends up in my bag along for the ride. Pillars stays at home.

I had to disappoint G and drop his offer. He won’t understand why, but I can’t do the assistant gig anymore, specially if it involves Spanish. It’s going to be difficult. I hate disappointing people but I’m done pretending for their sake.

Busy on TSA front. It’s going be one busy week leading up to a busy weekend. I need to schedule some down time while being busy. The eternal balancing act.