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Initially I wanted to call this post ‘Twilight Zone’ but:

  1. Phantom Zone is more comic-themed which is what I’ve been doing lately, and
  2. I didn’t want to attract any confused Stephanie Meyer fans.
  3. Boo (it’s going to be October by the time you read this)

A sent me a shoutout, which I promptly return here πŸ˜€ My friends rule.

Anyway, civil unrest in the motherland today. Seems to be dying down, the president was attacked by the police. Wow, what a joke of a country. Don’t worry, I can say that. It was my country once. When I didn’t have any other. I barely consider it mine anyway. The best thing my country ever gave me was the drive and the inspiration to leave it behind.

I have to give K her comics! Must not forget to bring them to her Saturday. I’m really tempted to read them, but if I do I might crease the pages… I know I wouldn’t like someone to give me a comic that has obviously been read. I will keep them in the plastic protector and give them to her completely new. Saturday should be a lot of fun.

Had a great time at G’s thing last Tuesday. I don’t know if I want to get in as an assistant though. Recently, hearing the spanish language makes me cringe. It just reminds me of my unmade decision of going home or staying here for the holidays. I can’t make the choice. It was almost made for me today with all the violence that went down over in that part of the world.

I broke my promess last post of always ending in a high note. Well, I didn’t end that day in a high note so how can I really make up a nice ending after all that? You can’t apply logic to feelings. You can’t apply guilt to feelings either. You feel the way you feel and forcing yourself to act any other way is unnatural and twisted.

So be true to your heart.

I restarted my guitar classes. It makes me so happy to know I didn’t forget everything during the summer. I came back from my guitar class today soaked and drenched but my guitar cover is water resistant and my guitar is dry. So happy about that. I’ve got a new challenges to work on now.

I got An Evening With Kevin Smith on DVD and immediately proceed to rip it into digital and import it into my iTunes. Then I did the same with the Eddie Izzard DVD’s and now I can watch them directly in the TV from the mac mini or in my iPhone. Love it πŸ™‚

I wish I could’ve gone tonight to E’s dinner. I actually so the invite last night but I knew it would be too late to move my guitar class. She had other people join in. Bet they had a great time! Saturday I will see K and later on K – LOL they both start with a K, now what? Okey K is K (she knows) and Ki will be the other K (she doesn’t know). Crystal clear, right?

I have yet another book recommendation and I still have three unread books but I’m hunting for it tomorrow, I don’t care.

Cool, now I have a happy post with an unhappy title. Oh well πŸ™‚ See ya!