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Did you liked the Fortress of Solitude entry? I might do another post in third person. They’re fun. This one, for some reason has me reverting back to first person POV. It’s all those little dark things that plague my mind nowadays so they title was aptly fit. Realize I’m a comic book mood lately hence all the secret base names.

Sanctum Sanctorum is Dr. Strange’s lair by the way.

I always have to look up this page of Apple’s keyboard shortcuts since they use that freakish symbol for the Alt key. Why don’t you just say Alt? Sheesh. I upgraded my mac mini to Snow Leopard back in August. The DVD said it would be done in 45 minutes. It was done in 45 minutes. I didn’t need to re-download any of the programs I had, they’re all working. Everything is. I checked for upgrades, got the ones missing and that was it. Instead this past labor day weekend the freakin’ netbook in Windows XP took 3 hours to upgrade and install iTunes 10. I know it’s an Atom, but still. Windows will never be done.

My sister emailed me about updating to Windows 7. She wanted to ask if she should blew up her partitions and make one or keep the ones she has, and if so which one should she pick. Really annoying. Like I’m going to be responsible if Toshiba decides to balk if their partition disappears or if I’m going to know what she keeps on the rest of her partitions. I’m doing something on Saturday night and she expects an answer back. She left me with no desire to travel home. Guilt. Pissed off. Guilt. Pissed off. I hate this.

I’m thinking about getting rid of my laptop and possibly my netbook too. Windows can remain in the other partition of my desktop if I ever need it. The thing is selling stuff is really unappealing. I’ll have people that will want to come over and take a look. I dread having strangers coming to my apartment. And I don’t want to sell it to someone that will start calling me back if they can’t figure something out. I don’t want to go into an endless support contract for a stranger.

I keep forgetting to check out Plex for the mac. I don’t think I’ll have the time until next week. On the other hand, iTunes supplies most of what I need? Except this streaming to the iPhone sounds wicked. We shall see.

It’s comic day… At least I get some new comics today. I’m going to have to check that sports center today. Busy the whole week! Thursday is the football game. I got contacted by my old guitar teacher to restart classes again, but it won’t be possible until next week. Friday is the outing from O. Saturday is meetup with G and Sunday is busy too. I won’t even get naptime. I should be dead by Monday. It’s probably for the best.