I have been more active online lately than offline, but I have not updated this blog.

Deus Ex on the PS3… Tempting, but it’s been half a year since I’ve even turned it ON! Do I really want this?

I really should fire up Arkham Asylum this weekend.

There’s a few events coming up, but nothing this weekend. Well, unless you count my ISP coming over to switch my modem. As it turns out I’m using a lot more bandwidth as of late. Although I can see why it has gone up (bought a lot of movies through iTunes) my paranoid nature tells me someone may have figured out the wifi network key.

So I’ve done two things. First, I’ve committed to a higher internet plan. Not quite sure if I’ll regret that move. It’s going to cost me 15 bucks more but I get twice the download capacity AND I get twice the speed. That should be nice. But they have to change my modem. Saturday is busted as I will have to spend all day waiting for the technician. I’m pretty sure he’s showing up at the last minute.

The other thing is of course I have more than just a key. Each of my devices is authorized to access via their own mac address in the router. Anything else doesn’t connect. But perhaps it’s time to choose a more complicated encryption so I changed the method to a higher one and the passkey phrase to a complex hexadecimal nightmare. Then I went through each device and set the not very fun nightmarish key on all of them. Didn’t took as long as I thought and I feel better now.

Coming up this Sunday I finally get switched to the 6GB plan for my 3G wireless on my phone plan. Then I can look into internet tethering which should be sweet. All and all it sounds like another stay-in weekend which I wanted to avoid, but if it has to be I might as well take advantage of it. I’ve got some movies to watch on my iTunes.

I do have something late Saturday night, so that will be a nice change of pace… crap, I forgot that. I need to verify that is still on and if it is I’ll need to get the tickets.

I missed Otakuthon! Stupid me. I saw all the people dressed up at the Palais du Congres last Friday. But I won’t miss the Montreal Comic-Con in September. I got my ticket already.

Too much spending lately. More trade paperbacks and a bunch of iTunes purchases. I committed a large amount to savings at the beginning of the month and now I’m beginning to regret it but I’m not going to back down now. Next week things should balance out.