At the Sandpit
At the Sandpit

I had a great time in Prince Edward Island.

Since I am so easily worried by little things I faced a huge challenge when I broke a crown on Thursday. Or at least huge to me. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m retarded. Anyways, I managed to still have fun and although it was there on the back of my mind, I still enjoyed my stay.

A little too much apparently. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go home.

I had some unexpected joys in PEI. There was the car first of all. I was stressed about having to drive it, then it became a joy to do so. I would plug in my ipod (USB in a car, can’t believe it) and play tunes while just driving in the countryside.

I talked to a few locals. Not lengthy conversations, just the usual and occasionally an unnecessary one. I always forget there is such thing as Canadian country. I also would talk with the people at the festival. I even met someone I knew from TaylorConnect and a girl and her brother who were seeing Taylor for the first time ever.

I had fun at the festival, enjoyed a lot of the artists, talked to everyone who would talk to me and ate a lot of good stuff. I even didn’t mind much the mud on the last day. Having VIP access meant the difference between been squished by the crowd and having a pit of your own.

The wheels
The wheels

I had fun getting directions to a beach, getting there and finding it was not worth it, eating at a place I had not planned to eat at, getting directions from the waitress to another beach, finding this hidden path that was unmarked and relaxing in a beach known to the locals.

I had fun meeting my friend E, who moved over there. We met at the festival on Thursday and then had a lunch on Sunday.

I had fun using the iphone as a GPS, as a map, as a camera, as one of the zillion things it does. I do need to remember to bring an actual camera next time though! The lack of zoom robbed of me of some excellent shots.

Cavendish Beach Music Festival
Cavendish Beach Music Festival

I had fun with Gloriana, Keith Urban, Emerson Drive, Tara Oram, Taylor Swift, The Roadhammers, Jack Ingram and Lady Antebellum.

I had fun just getting breakfast everyday, and choosing a place for lunch, and dinner at the Festival.

I had fun… and it really sucked to accept that I had to pack and get back. It sucked so much it hurt.

It’s not that I wanted to stay. It’s just that it’s the first I’ve been happy been away from Montreal in a long time. Going back to the homeland has always sucked, so my happy city has always been Montreal. I don’t think I would’ve had so much fun without the Festival though.

Perhaps Montreal is not the only place I can be happy. Perhaps it’s the place I start. Perhaps I should look for other places to explore.