Cavendish Festival

It happened a little after Shane Yellowbird took the stage. My crown chipped and broke. Can’t do a thing about it until I’m back in Montreal.

So now I’m faced with the weirdest of situations: enjoying my vacation with this hanging over my head. I’m not a big dentist fan (who is?) and I’ll have to take care of this… but somehow not think of it right now.

The concert was a blast last night. Keith Urban really surprised me and then some. I wish Brad Paisley was included.

I had a lot of fun driving around watching the sights.

So I have to somehow clear my head of this interruption and renew my vacation. The problem is, let’s face it, I’m obsessive. I came to relax.

Zen like thoughts. Serenity now. Let’s not worry about it until we have to worry about it. Sun is out. Breakfast beckons.