I finally found a beach and not a cliff or a rocky shore. The ride on Thursday was excellent. I rediscovered the freedom of driving a car through an open road. But I didn’t find a beach.

Today I took one advice of the lady behind the counter at the resort and headed west. Turned out to be a bit of a bust, which I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. I drove around looking for a beach access that didn’t end in a cliff, but I had no luck until I stopped to eat in a seafood restaurant. Didn’t make a good choice, sole is a rather tasteless fish. However I was given directions to a beach in a back road known as Thunder Cove. Thanks for the iphone’s GPS (and the fact that I found 3G signal at some point!) I was able to find it.

I got sand in my shorts. I’ve never been happier to get sand in my shorts. I wasn’t to happy when I laid on my beach towel and got sand in my ears though. Too windy. There was other people which made the beach felt like a beach.

Talked to my dentist’s office so they see me Monday.

It will rain tomorrow and perhaps on Sunday. Glad I managed to do my beach day today, otherwise I’d been out of luck! Thank God for small miracles.