It’s getting to be a nice slow rhythm of life for me. As thankful as I am, I’m being wary of the many pitfalls I tend to fall into.

Source: NYC The Blog (via Marie-Joelle Parent)

So, yeah I’ve been addicted to Twitter. Comes and goes. Now I think I’m really addicted to my iPhone. It’s better than Twitter in the computer sometimes. My back is killing me and although I was going the route of the bed or (not) doing exercise, it’s none of those things. It’s the couch. No, not sitting on it. It’s when I lay on it and prop my head against the rest in a curved manner. I did that way too often and now I remember it does seem comfy but strains my back. Not doing it again. Feel a lot better today.

I’ve been spending time synching calendar and contact information across yahoo mail, gmail and facebook into the mac mini. Once done, it now gets pulled into the iPhone to centralize everything and have it at hand. That includes the forgotten birthday of K, which of course I erased last year during one of the several falling outs we had. The endless breakout. It was good to see K again at least for a moment, the other night when going out with the foodies 😀

There’s a couple of characters in that foodie group. Some more bearable than others. I had to turn deaf as one of those is an old lady who makes racist remarks (no, those are not jokes). She didn’t made any that night which was good because I was in somewhat of a feisty mood. My friend E told me about another one, but that’s her story so no comment from me here. I still had good company to overpower and silent bad company. I just get so tense when I see those characters in the list of events. Gladly now I don’t feel I need to accommodate them anymore. On to friends.

It’s the birthday of my good friend O today 🙂 This is going to be FUN. Even if it kills my back. G is coming. J is now coming. No word from L. We’ll be the Breakfast Club sans one.

And Portal 2 is coming next year. GlaDOS is still alive. Are we going to get cake?

The weighted companion cube might even resurface. We get a sidekick. And a whole bunch of new tech to play with.

Summer’s already ON. And it seems I’m still stuck in winter mode. I have to get OUT and get my summer ON! I know, I get absorbed into tech. I’m a tech fanboy geek. Sowwy 😦

July is not far away and that means PEI. And I have to rent a car when I get there (I’m flying) and I have this thing about getting a wrangler jeep. I shouldn’t, I should just a regular rent a car. I have VIP access to the Cavendish Music Fest. That is going to be every single night. Holy $#&! I need to set some time to meet my friend E who just moved there as well.

That will do for now.