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Summer. Yes. The week’s all booked! Next week is… actually pretty much booked already too, and the next one has events already. LOVING IT.

I think for a time there I considered just going into my shell and not coming out. Because I’m fat. And because hell I love to eat. And don’t think you can start giving me advice you can’t. I will have none of it. I’m just going to enjoy myself this summer. I’ll try to get some exercise here and there but I know I’m not giving up the good life. La la la.

So the white dinner this year wants everyone to bring their own tables and chairs? Are they serious? It’s going to be a fuckfest and not in a good way. Sorry, I’m jumping ship now. Yeah I know that’s going to put me in the doghouse with more than a few people. But I can imagine it now. Not a good move from the organizers’ camp.

I have so much shit to do for the passport crap. This time not only I have to fill up forms, I got to have at a guarantor to sing them too, which is going to be my good friend J. I keep postponing it because I so hate to fill themup. Last night I actually gave a crap and went to get passport pics taken. That’s done. Now I have to get my guarantor and my two references’ data to fill up. I should be asking them that todayyyy.

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Last night instead of going home I stayed up with J, K and L. Ha ha ha! Honest. Went for a beer with them at Benelux. L actually called me out on something. I do have the necessary money to cover up the big bill that’s coming up. I do win enough to cover it. I’m getting way to used to having money… I’ve never lacked it altogether (even when I didn’t have a job, I had savings to live on). L has. I wouldn’t know how to live.

Sis invited me to come to Boston. Ha ha. No, sorry no way. The month’s weekends are already booked solid. I know B wanted me to keep mid-june opened for a pot luck dinner, but I’m not sure I can make it. I’m going to something on the 12 already and the 19 is off limits since it’s O’s birthday weekend.

July is not far off, I should make up my mind and just rent a car already for the Cavendish trip.

Seriously PicApp, time to update your Taylor Swift pictures… NOTHING from the Bayou superfest on Taylor. There’s Keith Urban, there’s Gloriana, there’s Kellie Pickler… I really picked you guys because you seemed to be on top of things and got pics from like Getty Images and Reuters but you’re like a month delayed. I need up to the minute… Might have to resort to my usual disclaimer again if I find nothing. Anyways, I used them to add some images to this entry at least…

Beerfest tonight! Be there or… well, you can actually come tomorrow too. Or the next day. Goes on until this Sunday I believe.