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I’ve succumbed to the temptation and I got an iphone. No crazy schemes, no threats to cancel my contract or move to another phone company, just followed the steps to get one. I was not terribly concerned about the price of the device as I am about the monthly kick to the groin that it would cost me from then on.

I heard from both camps as I was getting the iphone. Hardcore geeks were pushing me to the android phones. Other people just got other smartphones. The thing is both try to emulate the iphone. It does this like the iphone, it has apps like the iphone, you can do this iphone functionality here. Of course you save a bundle in some cases, in other cases you’re pretty paying iphone prices. It’s like buying an ipod. You can buy a fake one and it will almost be an ipod, it will just miss one or two things that will bug you endlessly.

So I upgraded my plan to the minimum required to get the iphone. Yes, there’s a minimum plan! And the data access which doubles the amount. Basically, my phone plan will cost me double than before. So, no kick to the groin but still a bit of a slight punch in the gut… Ok, I’m exaggerating. Let’s call it a shove in the back.

Now I’m addicted to my phone. I can get my bank accounts there. I’ve used the mapping ability to find restaurants in Toronto using the 3G network. Movies bought on itunes can be uploaded to the phone. And, of course, my current twitter addiction is now nicely sated. Plus I can ssh to my work account. And I found my old game Arkanoid (the best implementation of Breakout from the 80’s). I’m getting used to typing on the keyboard slowly.

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On more geeky news, Steam released its service for the Mac. Steam is an online game distribution system by Valve. You buy the game and you can download it. You get nice perks with original games from Valve like add-ons and some packaged game deals. You’ve probably heard of Half-Life 2 and Portal if you’re a gamer. Portal remains one of my favorite games ever. Well, the mac version of Steam comes with free Portal. As a matter of fact, every game you’ve ever bought on Steam suddenly becomes available on the mac as long as they’ve made a version for it – at no extra cost. They’re working on porting Half-Life 2. And I already had Torchlight. Since my mac is tied to my HDTV, that means glorious visuals. I got a few extra games just because I couldn’t help myself, including the LucasArts old Indiana Jones adventures (that was stupid, they’re old and not graphically updated, but I just had to). Geek nostalgia is expensive.

All and all a great geekgasm, but now the bill is coming… I know how much the damage is going to be. It’s going to be extra heavy, since I have to factor the phone cost plus the expenses in Toronto plus me buying some iphone apps and some Steam game packs. Don’t worry, the biggest chunk of the Toronto trip was payed back in January. Besides with my cough and cold my plans on the weekend include resting. I still want to walk outside at some point.