Rooftops and Invitations

My timing is off.

I have discovered something very important from my guitar classes (or jamming sessions as I like to call them). Timing means rhythm. Without rhythm there is no music. None. I can keep hitting the right notes, I will not hear the melody without timing.

She just might get you lost
And she just might leave you torn
But she just might save your soul
If she gets you and she, gets you any closer

On the other hand, missteps on notes can go unnoticed if you’re hitting the rhythm right. And that’s a direct translation in my life. I’m getting a few notes right, but I don’t have a melody. Music has to flow and it’s not. I have to live my life even if it means making mistakes, because there is no point in stopping. I can’t start again in real life. Music has to play, life has to be liven.

Perhaps writing shorter entries is better. I pause too much between blogging. Shorter and more often is better than long pauses and then one long, dull, entry.

And finally, all my music comes from Taylor Swift. She introduced me to Dashboard Confessional, The Script, Better Than Ezra, Needtobreathe, etc. There’s an article of mine… perhaps later.

That will do for now.

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