Hey look another post. Wow.

This one’s a techie one. You own a Mac mini, you’ve hooked the videotron digital cable box to it because there’s ports marked IEEE 1394 on the back and you know that means a firewire connection. You’ve gone and downloaded the Firewire Devel Kit by subscribing as a Mac Developer and you have downloaded FireRecord (formerly iRecord, AVC VideoCap variant).

FireRecord lets you schedule record streams, including HD content through the firewire device.

However, one day it was in the middle of recording something and you stopped an event or you close FireRecord while it was recording, you probably didn’t think much of it but now when you schedule something it won’t record anymore. If you’ve managed to see the little status message when you click the offending event with the red warning sign, it reads: Device is busy.

Here’s the solution from Video Help forum:

fixed it by re-installing it, and deleting its database, which is stored in /Users/youusername/Library/Application Support/FireRecord. You’re going to lose all of your scheduled recordings so you might want to jot those down somewhere, but it was the only way i got it working again.

They really need to fix this issue. It’s pretty easy to corrupt Firerecord’s database by either closing it prematurely, or by deleting in the middle of an event.

Hope this helps somebody.

Thanks, mate. It does! In the end, I didn’t have to re-install. I just had to erase the database that I found under my user’s folder Library/Application Support/FireRecord. I also erased another file with the previous extension I found there for good measure.

You can go about your business.