Finally another entry. Things tend to conspire upon one another so I can’t have to time to blog or the inclination. That means that to get things accomplished sometimes I have to pull an all-nighter from time to time just to get rid of things that I can’t find the time to do.

I have my train tickets, my reservation and my expensive concert tickets to see the Fearless Tour in Toronto. Getting very excited about that.

Adding to that, after much consideration I took the plunge and bought a five day VIP pass to the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. I also got plane tickets. However I still have to arrange for my stay and my transportation around the island. This one is going to cost, and cost me now.

I wouldn’t be flying and driving and going to a country festival for an artist I’m already seeing this year. The only exception would be Taylor Swift. Not to expand too much on her (there’s another blog for that) but she’s very good friends with Hayley Williams from Paramore.

The invest thing is still pending, I took the plunge on Easter weekend and tried to get it done. The process was not completed and the bank will not tell me the reason until I call. That means staying on hold for an hour. I know because I tried already tonight. I will have to try tomorrow again during office hours.

Fun and warm this last weekend. It was so great to spend Saturday and Sunday each with a friend and just talk and walk.

Already noticing couples more and more… I hate being alone but I don’t want a relationship right now. A friend of mine suggested someone to me once. She was way off. Like extremely and completely off. Took all my self control not to make a face at the idea. I guess I am perceived as old. I guess I am ending my life alone.

Another friend once told me to have kids. Even if you don’t stay with the girl, those kids will take care of you someday. Wow. That’s… I don’t know… sounds so mercenary an idea to me.

Time keeps running and if I don’t do guitar right now, I will once again be making noise past the 11pm curfew. I guess there’s a ton of things I’m forgetting but this will have to do.