Those are the lyrics to Lady Antebellum’s amazing song Hello World. These are the kind of the songs that go on my Epic playlist. It’s a power ballad that slowly builds up and eats your soul whole. Sorry, there’s no video for that one yet, but here’s American Honey which is also a great song. I’ll intercede other videos on this post from this amazing modern country group.

This last week has been a good one. I’m learning to slowly let go at work and not worry about things not directly connected to me. Surprisingly, a lot of those things may seem like my responsibility but aren’t. An unmanageable crashing issue with a binary is escalated to Devel. Support only acts as the go-between, getting logs and troubleshooting exercises required from the Devel team and transmitting results and requests from the customer. No stress should be involved. Even if the customer wants something fixed now, the only thing to do is transmit that urgency to the Devel team and await a response. If Sales receives a complaint about the speed at which the problem is getting taken care of and calls you, talk to your manager about it. The word escalation itself means the issue and the decisions are on someone else’s hands.

Yesterday the day appeared bleak. I took that to heart and decided laundry day. As the clothes were going around in the dryer, the sun came out. So I switched plans and went up Mont Royal to do an experiment that I have been delaying over a year. I took my netbook and searched for a wi-fi signal up there. There were a few, but all of them encrypted. Oh well. At least I got a workout out of it.

After that I went for a well deserved meal at Reubens. Finally had my prime rib and garlic mash the way I liked it. I was tempted by desert but I declined. Walked home.

Sunday I got up late, and hit Moe’s for a grand slam breakfast. Then I decided on impulse to grab a copy of the Kick-Ass hardcover at the comic shop and headed towards K’s. I ended up doing a lot of walking before I realized my street of reference was right but I was ment to go west rather than east. K was feeling sick from earlier but she brightened up at seeing me. We talked on her lobby as the snow came down. We’re always having fun telling other people how we became friends (a story we call “the never-ending break-up”) but most people don’t really understand why we think it’s funny. You had to be there. She liked the gift. I don’t have the habit of giving gifts, unless I find the perfect one and the timing has to be right. That can’t be forced. This gift wouldn’t have made sense last Christmas or the next birthday. It made sense now and I’m glad K is of the same mind. We’ll go see the Kick-Ass movie when it comes out with a group of geeks which should be a blast 🙂

Some frightful news were waiting for me when I got home. My dad was mugged. I was glad they just took stuff and he just hand it over with no resistance. Still, the desperate man had a gun and reading my dad’s account of the events chilled my blood for a few until I contacted him and made sure he was ok. It’s almost a monthly ocurrance for you or someone you know to get mugged down there on my homeland. My dad’s close to getting a US visa, but that’s not necessarily safe territory either. Yes, I have suggested sponsoring him for a canadian resident/citizen but he’s not a fan of the cold.

A long time ago I wrote a short story called Blank Slate. It was a very short premise of a theme that always entices me, an everyday stage that becomes a supernatural setting where every conversation has a subdued note of suspense. A thriller that you don’t figure is a thriller until you’re drawn into it. For a long time, I’ve had the idea of doing a story along the same lines but of course much more elaborate and with a lot more room to breathe. I’ve had the premise in the back of my mind for a long time. I think I should start writing it now. This is by no means a sequel, Blank Slate was a short contest entry constrained by the limits of the contest rules, and the story ends there. This is just another Twilight-Zone-esque writing exercise.

Inspiration couldn’t come in the less convenient of times. I’ve rejoined my favorite meetups. I’m rebuilding my ties with my friends. I have to do extra hours at work to cover those days I missed. I’m addicted to a couple of tv shows. I’m writing blogs and actively tweeting. I’m doing guitar and going back to the gym. I’m busy as hell and inspiration strikes now?

The muses must like to see me run around always late for the next thing. Somehow I think I’ll be alright 🙂