I owe you guys one hell of a blog entry.

I will have to see someone so I can learn to control stress, and possibly anger as well. It is no longer an option. I have to, mandatory since early last week when I had an incident that almost cost me my job.

My aunt passed last Friday. She wasn’t really my aunt, she was the mother of my best friend from childhood. He passed away when he was still young, and his mom stayed in contact with my mom and me. I started calling her my aunt sometime around the time that my mom passed away.

Now I imagine her and my mom having a tea party in the garden, like they used to on Sundays. I also imagine her finally reuniting with her long lost son, and my heart just ties up in a knot.

I didn’t go out last Sunday when K called me. I was tired and instead ended up falling asleep. Too bad, I always regret it when I don’t go out with her.

Haven’t gone to the gym lately, been working late every night. I need to make up some hours. I will be going out the rest of the days this week though. Too bad, I’ve had to cancel my guitar lessons for the second week in a row. I wasn’t ready for it anyways, I just started practicing this weekend and I’m really bad.

I wish I’d gone out with my friends for the Nuit Blanche. At least I did have a walk and talk with one friend who needed to talk. It was good to listen for a while, and I appreciate his trust.

I hope I can rejoin my old gang, if they’d still have me. I owe K one, two, three movies at least. I hope I can take some days off for my concert, I want to be there on Thursday, a day before and make a trip out of it.

I’m probably still forgetting a ton of things. But I will say, I’m recognizing that I can’t make it without other people.

Hope your day is going good, and you are always looking up 🙂