What a good weekend. I have a lot to update here.

A couple of weeks ago I received the happy news that I’m to participate in March 10’s citizen ceremony and finally become a Canuck. I guess it hasn’t sink into me yet.

My guitar lessons are still going strong, but the bar is being raised. I’m getting close to actually play a song, for which my teacher is asking me to use the metronome and fix my stupid jerky timing. Latest riff to master is none other than Day Tripper! This is a song that I’ve wanted to be able to play ever since I heard it when I was a kid. Too bad I didn’t get much guitar practice this weekend.

I finally saw K last Friday. Yes, we’re back to the letters again! Actually, that’s what she calls herself too. We talked and talked and talked some more and a friend of hers joined us for some beers, a bookie special (Hurley’s best sandwich) and a lot of conversation. K even knew some of the bartenders, and we went into this hilarious bit of explaining the concept of cockblocking to K’s friend. Then we went into our explanation of how we became friends, fought, make up, fought, make up, fought, make up. Sounds like a couple, but somehow we know where each other’s limits are and the idea is basically no pressure, we’ll see each other when we both want to. I’ll see K and her friend again for Shutter Island on Tuesday.

(Source: Me!)

Saturday was also eventful. First, I picked up my laminated poster and hung it up. The wall is a bit uneven on that side, a shoddy carpentry work but the poster just gave some life to that empty piece of wall and I love how it looks.

Give me a photograph, to hang on my wall… Superstar…

I took the plunge and got a ticket for Tay’s concert in Toronto in May. It means traveling, it means staying somewhere, it means a lot of things. But it also means I will finally get to see her. I won’t believe it until it gets here. I’ll finally make a vacation out of it, no matter what anybody says.

I did quite a bit of cleaning which was sorely needed. My sofa’s legs had this plastic little circles that cracked and now screws are directly resting on the floor. They add scratches to the already scratched floor. I’m at least putting paper to prevent further scratching but most important is that I finally vacuumed underneath.

I had to take a nap and then join my friends at the new christened Place des Spectacles for the outdoor show Montreal en Lumiere. O was already waiting with a couple of other friends. The show was just cool but standing outside was freezing me up and I had not donned any scarf or balaclava so I was freezing in my measly two layers of a jacket and a sweater. When the show turned into club dancing, I was ready to leave. Fortunately so was everyone else and we sought the shelter of a coffee place as soon as we could. I must remember not to dominate the conversation and let others talk. I really don’t know why these guys put up with me sometimes. O and I went for some late grub at Chinatown and more chatter. I’m glad to have him as a friend, he’s one of the few that puts up with me.

I have to change to a data plan of some sort for my phone and perhaps my internet. I’m not sure it’s worth it yet.

I think I never wrote about it, but I stopped buying comics last year. It still appeals to me, but not as much. I visited the comic shop after a long hiatus and said hello to one of the owners. I don’t know if I want to restart all that. There’s four boxes of comics and two full shelves of hardcovers. Stopping also meant my budget got a breather.

Let’s see, what else? I have not started Under the Dome. I need to begin this book at some point. No big progress in the gym department, and I feel like quitting it again. The dentist has warned me he might have to redo the crown because there’s something there he can’t see. I had to buy socks. My technical manager from Calgary will be here the last week of February and there’s a few activities with him. There’s money I need to invest somewhere. I keep forgetting to do that too.

But overall, things are good and I can’t complain. I give thanks for having friends to bide me over this winter šŸ™‚