Blah, nobody is going to get that title. It doesn’t matter.

It’s 5am and I’m blogging. It should be obvious I fell asleep and didn’t do a thing last night. No gym, no guitar, no ticket search, nothing. But I finally did some things I was supposed to do this weekend.

I finally saw Nick and Nora, if nothing at least to realize that it sucks. I’m still waiting for that great Kat Dennings vehicle. Charlie Bartlett did that already, but couldn’t she land a main role? Most overlooked and potentially great actress I’ve ever seen.

So after that major fail, I got Zombieland from iTunes which really brighten up my weekend. Most excellent pop corn flick and one I should’ve seen in the theater.

Oh, I did see Avatar about a week ago! I never did post that since I’m not blogging regularly… on this blog.

Finally got a poster of Tay. I think I want to have it framed, it’s her Rolling Stone cover.

I’m not keeping track of my spending. I have to nudge myself to pay the bills every month. I’m so out of it lately that I haven’t logged into IM or PS3 or just plain email. A wreck. Two things are blatantly obvious. a) I have great wonderful friends. b) I am not a great wonderful friend back to them. I am an antisocial freak.

I don’t have a mid life crisis. I have a life crisis. I don’t have a life. That is because I don’t want one. When I want one, I’ll get one.

Facebook changed again. I should just close the account. We’ll see.

It’s going to be movie plus birthday party weekend this weekend. Good, I should get out of the house with like minded people. It’s called socializing I believe. Well, I don’t have anybody for the movie but really I can’t ask anybody – odds are it’s going to suck and anybody that I could ask would think ulterior motives. To top it off Tay is in it.

I can’t answer the question in the title yet.