Ok, so let’s let Gloriana start this one up first:

Didn’t make it to the Almodovar flick on Tuesday. Turns out I had several posts made with the wrong date and I had to correct them in a hurry before confusion reigned. Stayed up late at work, then went home and fell asleep. So I missed the gym too. At least I woke up to do a bit of guitar before the 11pm curfew.

Things at work went from lax to busy all of a sudden and it turns out I was doing A when I should’ve been doing B and now I’m in a bit of a jam. My fault for not paying attention, and I have to be tested tomorrow on a mock walkthrough of a new piece of software. The test is more for the software than myself but I’m not feeling confident in my skills right now.

Ended the day with a headache today and a discussion with my manager… Same dude who will test me tomorrow. Wonderful.

However I hit the gym headache and all and with music and exercise my headache cleared 🙂

One more by Miranda Lambert!

Plans for this year are going to be an issue since my resolution is to attend a certain concert.

This year, this is my resolution:

I’m still looking for tickets. The tour sold out like five minutes it became available. Toronto and Ottawa are in May, but the resellers prices are crazy and I might have to go for broke or look in the US. Which means I don’t know the date and it could be anytime between March and June. That’s not going to fly well with some people.

I had some new happy songs on my ipod and I was glad. Tonight I directly saw the cause and effect of being positive and negative. Positive and helpful got me a smile and a compliment from a cute girl helping her with the entrance door and lock that grabs your key and won’t let go. Negative… oh well you don’t want to know and I don’t want to remember.

Reviews the other day. Recession and all and I’m not one of the fortunate ones that get a raise. At least I still have a job.

I had a talk with one of my best friends last weekend. I told him a bunch of stuff I was holding out. It felt good to talk to him.

Guitar tomorrow, the telethon thing on Friday and Australian day on Saturday. I’ll take a break from it all on Sunday, which means this week is full.

Tomorrow if the software testing goes long, I run the risk of missing my guitar session… I must not think that way. It should end early.

Nothing else for now, this blog has been a draft for a while – time to publish it!