Kinda gives it away in the title… if you know where to look. You know what, just let me show you what happy sounds like:

My past has come back to haunt me.  Back in the homeland, where everything seems to be drama and pain, I put on a mask of a grown up and pretended to be mean and jaded like everyone else. But I was still me when I was online, with my friends on IRC.

Don’t be scared… I’m ok but I keep it together for the next paragraph, ok? I promess this is a happy post! We just have to get some hard truths out, that’s all.

That day when I zoomed and crashed the car, I did it on purpose. And that was the catalyst for leaving my old life behind and move on.  History will say that I quit my job because I got the Canadian visa but it’s not true. I quit my job before I knew the answer to that request. Granted, it was coming but I forced destiny’s hand. It’s what I’ve always done. But that mask of jaded anger that I put on was still on my luggage when I got to Canada and taking it out has left its scars.

Which are healing 🙂

Now I’ve started a new online life.  Seems unnecessary but that’s how I learned to survive on my homeland where there was nothing for me and all I got told by people who love me was that I needed to get serious. Now I have both offline and online happy lives so I think everything will be ok.

I'm laughing at you beneath these shades, yo

What are you going to do with your life, NTI?

I’m going to be happy.

I’m an old man now and the people online somehow don’t mind. Weird. But I get followers and people read my other blog and I make people laugh. And I get that nice warm feeling that my words and what I write is making someone’s day. The new blog is going great and I’m even thinking domain name at this point.

It was great to see one of my closest and best friends the other day. I wish I could do more him than just give him an old laptop.

I left meetup. I don’t find any joy in listening to other people’s conversations anymore. I need a younger crowd.

Facebook now only holds people I talk to without any problems. Ok… I’ve had to keep some relatives in there but only the cool ones. I think they can’t see my crazy status lines anymore, but if they do, who cares!

I did my citizenship test and I think I’m good and closer to becoming a canuck.

So let’s have another happy video from a canadian artist here 🙂

If you can read this, you are my friend today 🙂