I’ve had a couple of bad sessions where I found I couldn’t quite touch the right strings without touching the wrong ones. My last one was a good one though. I hit the melody and the rhythm for a moment there. It was a very sweet moment. I fail to remember if it was a fragment of The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby or Greenday’s I Hope You Had The Time of Your Life. My teacher was surprised that I like to listen to My Chemical Romance. I really want to get Disenchanted. He heard it and said that was the kind of song that I’d need three to four months to get. I’ve been trying to get the intro anyways. The last Thursday was my last session of the year. I’m glad we ended in a high note, no pun intended.

The title of this topic is from the John Mayer’s Continuum album by the way. It’s not something I can listen to most of the time. I’ve got to be in a bit of a jazzy mood to hear him.

I’ve got a few presents to get. We didn’t get the shopping card from the office. Somehow that makes it easier because I don’t have to go all the way to Galeries d’Anjou.  Not that that was a huuuuge deal, but now I can shop closer. I have no gift ideas yet. I had this idea for iTunes cards just to find out that they only work with the Canadian version of the online iTunes store. Niiice.

I was holding back on trying a couple of things that I gave into last week.  A mini project of sorts became a slightly larger deal.  I got a very positive respons and even some direct feedback from the people involved that I was not waiting for. I was really happy of the results, but now the bar has been raised so I have top myself.  Won’t discuss it here, because I’d go geek and involves internal knowledge and then you won’t know what I’m talking about. It’s just nice to be appreciated when you put a bit of time and work into something and someone notices.

My home desktop computer has an incessant buzz (it sounds like this: BZZZZZ) that comes from the power supply. I know I have to change it, I’m just lazy and don’t feel like it. A colleague at work told me to just change it. It’s one of those things I need to unscrew out of the case. I’m kind of putting it off for next month but I don’t think that buzzing is healthy so I keep that computer off which is a waste. I might just bite the bullet and get a new power supply but I want to make sure that I take the old one so that I know the new one fits.

Spending money on clothes lately. The problem is that I tend to go for what I want and not what I need. Like, I really need shoes for winter and for the gym. Running (Haha, get it? Because I run- ok, nevermind, not that funny I guess) out of them quickly.

I went to a Christmas party this last weekend with a new shortcut. The barber made it a buzzcut, actually (it sounded like this: BZZZZ). It looks like I’ve been drafted. I think I overdid it a little. I had some positive comments, but I think I did fished for a few by mentioning eating heathier and the gym. I got stuck with the new table and not my crowd but managed to pass the time as they turned to be very nice and cool people.

Still chubby. I guess I have to update my gym quota but to tell you the truth, I’m fine with the treadmill (walk+run+walk+run+crawl+agonize+cough+wheeze).  Doing more… I can’t imagine it. Probably next year. Oh, eating wise I have my perfect solution to avoid eating at night. I don’t buy bread nor cheese nor ham. That way there’s no material for a midnight sandwich. But the withdrawals are BIG. Grapes help or fruit snacks. For the weekends I do get a bag of chips or -my latest- pre-popped cinema style popcorn.

With all the high priority calls lately, work was crazy but my manager knew it. He has made a point to tell me I’d be getting honors last month and this one. He also asked me my five higher priority nightmares and re-assigned some of them to colleagues. I get to keep the top three, but that’s ok. I love the positive feedback but I’m trying it not to go to my head. It’s not over yet. You’re only as good as your last successful resolve/implementation. And the moment something breaks I know I’m on the hot seat.

Snow came last week with a vengeance and the first snowstorm I was late for work. I need more time if I want to walk and I’m NOT taking the bus. I’m having to wake up an extra half an hour. Sometimes I even hit the snooze but I get up after the alarm clock has gone off a couple of times (it sounds like this: BZZZZZZ). Then I have to suit up (and not the Barney Stinson kind) for snow.

Plans for Thursday and Friday already. The weekend will HAVE to be about shopping and I’m going to have to brave the crowds for not doing it earlier. My fault.

Hope you’re all having a great Christmas season. Much love.