The fire alarm went off last night around midnight. It took so long for the firefighters to get here this time, and it was raining.  I couldn’t be bothered, but finally went down the stairs to find out it was a false alarm.

I practiced my guitar on Thursday since my teacher canceled out on me.  I can’t get my Smoke on the Water up to regular speed.  I’ve managed to hit the right strings once or twice.  Let’s say three out of a billion times.  I just did one more guitar session to see if I can pump it up faster by tonight and be ready for tomorrow when I’ll meet my teacher for one weekend session.

Facebook is crazy.  It’s so hard to follow now.  Comments tend to disappear and reappear ages later. I’m checking it less and less and when I do, I can’t be bothered to check everything that has been posted since the last time.  So, I’ve been experimenting with Twitter.

Twitter is a mixed bag.  There are people who tweet once a day, once a month and once a minute.  That’s it.  I either tweet once a day or once a week, but I can’t stand following people who tweet about ordering their meals, then waiting for them, then getting them, then dessert.  I can’t see anybody else when they do that.  I’d like priority levels for who I follow so that I can turn off someone without un-following them.  Crazy? Yes! Also, I can’t really have more than one account unless I have a different phone number.

I’ve been thinking about the iPhone lately.  It means more bills and usually I have a computer available to do whatever, so why get into it? Because… I don’t know.  I guess I just want to buy into the whole craze or just be the cool crowd that didn’t.  But it feels like World of Warcraft.  You have one more bill, and spend way too much time logged in.

I got vaccinated on Thursday against the swine flu and spend all the next day feeling like crap.  Yeah, they tell you about the side effects using words like “possibly”, “might” and “lightly”.  And there’s a slight chance you’ll end with a chronic syndrome.  I don’t know, it’s done.

Despite feeling like crap, I went shopping yesterday since I had the day off.  For a long time, I’ve been wanting the perfect long coat.  Initially I was looking for the usual black trench coat a-la-matrix kind of look.  My thanks to a friend of mine for pointing out that it will look ridiculous.  Now I’m looking for a really classy (but with a budget) double breasted coat.  I found one that I liked and then I realized something.  More than the coat, I want the look.  The coat that has the look is too tight (I can put it on, but closing in requires sucking the air in).  The coat that closes is a bit too big and I look lost in it.  I can’t get the coat until I have the look.  I visited the gym last night and probably will do it again today.

On other fashion news, I’ve been adding some color to my wardrobe.  Ok, that’s a lie.  One color.  For some reason, I’m obsessed with it, however tacky it feels.  Think of the Artist formerly known as Prince and the band who sings Smoke on the Water.  Yeap.  Ooooh, I’m going to need a scarf.

I got some new tunes.  I’m listening to Paramore, John Mayer, Caitlin Evanson and Katy Perry.  There’s a pattern there and if you can’t see it I’m not telling you what it is.  I went out with a friend the other night for dinner.  He did this celebrity joke and for a moment I though I’d been made… But no, it was just a coincidence.

I wonder if it’s too late for breakfast.