I had a pleasant session (hahaha! ok, sorry I should say class but.. a session sounds so cool. You know, like a jam session? Get it? No? Ok, nevermind) this past Thursday.  Now I have to learn the starting notes to Smoke on the Water.

When the first phrase of the blog post already contains a parenthesis, you know the post is not going to make any sense whatsoever.

I must say I want to thank my friend whom warned me in chat that my previous post was not-ready-for-prime-time-ish.  That’s the risk you get when you write draft after draft and publish ahead of time.  It wasn’t meant to sound depressing but it did.  I go through rough spots like everybody else but a blog post about it might sound like I want to remain there, which is far from the case.  The guitar is really having more than just a musical impact and I can’t believe I didn’t ever consider it earlier.  Music itself is very good tonic for the soul, and although I am mostly loving the sea of music that comes from my ipod the little drops I get from playing a few notes right (one out of ten) are like liquid sunshine.

The weekend was not laid back as I though it would be.  Saturday was good day to rewire my network.  I moved my provider’s cable over to the other side of my appartment to give the mac mini the wired access.  It increases the performance notably.  I also purchased a wifi card for the desktop, which I managed to get enabled and working in the Linux machine, whistling and all.  The mac mini got more love as I also purchased a webcam for it.

I reconnected with a lot of friends this weekend too 🙂 We watched the hockey game and had beer and pizza.  It was a lot of fun and I was really enjoying myself.  I left before midnight though, food and beer took me out quite early.  I can’t do late nights anymore.

The next day I did my laundry and then hit the gym.  I had a message from my friend, whom also I have reconnected recently.  She’s a riot and we’re getting along great.  We were stuck in a neverending breakup cycle that we seem to have broken.  She was helping me with my window shopping for the trendy trenchcoat (haven’t found it yet, it’s a life quest) and we kept cracking jokes.  The movie was nice enough for what it was, a teenage movie with some light vampire / werewolf mythos thrown in.  It was fun to watch with my friend as we were of the same mind, making fun of the over-the-top scenes (girl gets a cut, boy removes shirt, logical huh? yeah right!).  But overall it was a good light fun movie to watch.  I’m not going to read the books, but I will see the next movie hopefully with the same company 🙂

I settled back at home with popcorn to watch the American Music Awards.  There were some highlights, but overall it felt dull.  Still a good slow way to finish off a busy weekend.

The subject line is from Owl City’s Fireflies song.  It’s a very happy almost overwhelmingly sugary song.

Have a good week everyone.