That’s the title of the opening titles for the original Evangelion series. The title doesn’t make a lick of a sense, and neither does this post.  However the song has a happy rhythm and I’m trying to convey happiness amidst a new life routine run amuck so for me it’s fitting.

World’s gone upside down for me.  This is not a bad thing.  I blame music.  In a good way 🙂

The desktop is just not fun anymore.  It makes this whistling noise that drives me nuts. I bought a couple of compressed air cans to clean it but it seems to be something else.

I want to move my physical internet connection to the other side of the room so I can have the mac take advantage of the physical network.  Since the ps3 and the laptop that runs the scanner are also there, it should accelerate all communications.  A nice weekend project.  I’m considering a webcam for the mac mini.  The one I got as a present a long time ago never worked on Linux and doesn’t work on Mac either.

Facebook is a necessary evil.  I don’t update it as much as I used to and I can’t keep up with the number of posts in there.  I know I probably miss 80% of everyone’s posts. That being said, I finally have put up my guitar (The Ash) on my profile.  I also have said yes to a ton of people, so it’s my own fault.

Signs are popping up. For some reason, I keep getting hints that I should get in touch with my latin side. Dude, aside from the fact that I speak spanish, I have nothing – wait, I’m wrong!  MUSIC.  Of course, I completely forgot.  I have some latin playlists that I listen to often.

I like when I just fall asleep with no recollection of going to bed, but it’s dangerous.  I’m getting into the habit of setting my alarm as soon as I get home to make sure I get up in time for work.

Money wise, I have been pretty bad at keeping track of expenses lately.  That and spending a lot too.  Good and bad.

Heard Christmas music on malls the other day.  Feels way too soon.

Gym is working. That’s all I’m going to say right now.  This feels related to the guitar somehow.  I think it’s because I’m slowly getting more into practicing than having snacks.

I apparently did good on my guitar practice time last week, teacher thought I was getting better.  I have a new song to learn now.  Cool 🙂

I keep forgetting stuff to add here.  As winter is near,  I’m getting some new clothes because my old ones are really worn out.  I’m adding some crazy colors.

Saturday I’ll join some people for a little necessary catching up.  It will be cool, and now my schedule is packed.

Sunday I have some things coming up.  I’ll get to have lunch and a movie with a friend.  Then it’s the American Music Awards in the evening.  I might use the mac-turned-pvr to record it.  Then again I don’t have high hopes for it.

I’m trying to be a nice person.  It’s a work in progress.  I actually was nice to a girl at the gym and she smiled back.  No, I didn’t entertain false hopes.  Being nice pays off by just making you feel better about being nice, and that’s all the reward I need.