That’s a line from House of Wolves.  If you haven’t figured it out, The Black Parade gets constant playback in my ipod. I’ve just been listening to that one My Chemical Romance album lately.

I downloaded that Twilight movie the other night to see what all the fuss is about.  I never really saw it as a vampire movie.  It’s a movie about teenage angst.  If you see it as a vampire movie, it sucks.  If you see it as a teenage angst movie that has vampires in it, it’s a lot better.  I want to see the next movie in theaters.

I couldn’t stay awake on Friday evening and just fell asleep like a rock.  Same last night after practice.  At least I went to the gym on Saturday and tried running.  Can’t make more than five minutes without coming close to collapsing.

I closed my Ikariam account.  Enough is enough and it was getting to be a chore.

I will need a whole load of practice if I want to get this guitar thing.  I can’t skip a day.  So for now I’m not sure I want to take anything else.  Perhaps I am going through a middle age crisis.  In my crisis I don’t get a sportscar and a ditzy blonde but guitar lessons.  Dude, even my crisis are lame.

My teacher has been giving me additional chords to complete Lady Madonna.  Last night I was practicing and noticed that I can get the chords some kind of right but without rhythm.  The moment I turn on the metronome I can’t get anything right.  That second set of chords that has to be played triple-time is difficult.  The icing on the cake during class this week was when he told me I was too tense.  I have to remember where my fingers go, which strings I’m hitting with the pick, the fret transitions AND not be tense?  See, that’s why I can’t have a friend teach me the guitar – I have to be able to freely hate my teacher now and then.

One of my friends once said that I was always the lone wolf.  It’s true.  All my life I’ve lived alone.  Even in a crowd, I’m still by myself.  I cut out on meetup events because I didn’t want to go out as much.  I have a preference to be alone.  When I’m part of a group that is more of an exception to the rule.  Not that I don’t love being out with friends, but a small group is always preferable to large one.  I think I have the attention span of a twelve year old.  I just can’t focus on one thing for a long t- oh, shiny! 🙂

But I digress.  I’m still working now on two sets of chords from Lady Madonna.  Listening to Komm, susser Tod now.  It’s one of those happy sad songs.

This post is not complete yet, but I have to stop and go to bed.  I will edit later, but for now I need to post something.