I’ve been trying to get the chords to the first four notes of Lady Madonna for about an hour.  It’s time to stop before the neighbors call the humane society thinking I’m murdering a cat.  I can’t get them.  To top it off, I’ve lost my tuner so the guitar sounds something awful.  Not that I would be any better if it were properly tuned.

I feel I should add something to the last post.  Although I know I’m shallow enough of a person already, please don’t think I just discard friends because bad things happen to them or because they’re sad.  I was talking about permanently negative people.  The reason is that I myself know to become very easily a negative person.  I know, I’m a hypocrite for doing that.  But that’s the reason I need positive thoughts around.  Paraphrasing J. M. Barrie, you only need one happy thought to make you fly.

Music is my drug nowadays. It gets me to walk to work.  It keeps me going at the gym.  Oh boy, the gym… I hit it earlier and now I’m dead.  Two days of not going and I can feel it.  To make up for it I tried running during part of the routine.  What I do is pick either 25 to minutes to go or 15 (or both if possible) to start running. That way when you see 20 or 10 left, you felt invigorated of seeing 20 go down to 19 or 10 go down to 9 (hence you’re past the 20’s or the 10’s, get it?).  However I really payed for those last five minutes.

I do have to watch myself with the music though.  Don’t freak out, but I nearly got run over the other day coming back from work.  No, I did look – I had the light. It had not just changed. I had the light.  The guy just didn’t see me.  Another reason why I should wear some color and not my usual dark theme clothing.  I think it’s time to fish my ridiculously bright red scarf from the closet.  The other weekend I was tired to look at my black or brown options and I got a purple sweater that I love.  I also have a bright orange one that I bought from the homeland last holiday season.

The other probable negative aspect of the music just taking me away, is that I forget and sometimes I start singing… and then freak out people around me.  I’m very much a wuss, so I will not play loud music in my apartment after eleven, but I will turn it up on my ipod.  Since these walls are made out of paper, the result is my neighbors probably hear me singing along to Les Miserables at two in the morning.  To add insult to injury, the actual track is in my headphones so they only hear my discordant wailing.  I’m sorry but I can’t help it.

Let the music play.