A long time ago, I learned this from a person I didn’t get along with: when you write an email, put the whole point of the email in the first line of text.  In other words, get to the point first. Don’t do prologues. Don’t tell an anecdote.  Don’t start with some whimsical story. Get. To. The. Point.

That’s fine if you’re writing an email for work.  But when I’m blogging, I write whatever comes to mind.  If you’ve noticed I write a bit novel-ish.  There’s a lot of buildup before I let you know what’s really on my mind.  You usually have no idea where I’m going (between you and me, neither do I but I love to write).  I usually speak this way too.  I used to drive my sister mad when I was younger (telepathic note by sister: no need to use the past tense here).  By now, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this and it’s driving you mad too.

I mean when I wrote the “One Day More” post,  I did the reveal right out and told you about the guitar…

(Audience: Get on with it! )

Oh, alright. But first…

(Audience groans)

… you might want to stop reading right here.  If you’re a family member (hi Dad!), a work colleague (hey boss, not doing this from work, honest!), a friend that likes my writing (crickets in the background) or basically anybody else – well, here’s the part where you’re going to lose the last little shred of respect that you had for me.

This is hard to write…

(Audience lunges for NTI’s throat and chokes him to death)

Ok, ok! Err… I stalk celebrities on the internet.

(Audience: That was it? I thought he was going to say he was gay or something… Let’s get out of here…)

… and I want to blog about them now 😉

(Audience runs for the hills)

You might want to drop this blog from your list.  Anyways, nothing is written on stone and I will try to keep all silly celeb posts from regular whimsical ones.