Nothing to see, move along… part two

Hey! Sup.

Instead of changing the course of this blog and going all paparazzi on you guys, I’ve opted for a more skewed approach.  I’ll do this on a separate blog. However, if I really want go Perez Hilton on this, I decided I should at least know what I’m getting into.  So I’ve fired off an email to a record company inquiring about their policies on fan sites using material (pictures, video, etc) of their artist.  I’m hoping they tell me that I only need to honor the source and that should be it.  The other thing is it will take up another chunk of time, but if I’m having fun doing it then who cares.  On the other hand, if it turns out to be a hassle then I’m going to just drop the idea altogether.

I was very deep into this webgame called Ikariam for the past couple of months.  Definitely not into it anymore, so at this time I’ve given notice to my alliance that I’m considering quitting.  Right now I log in, transfer wine, move wood and marble around, update this and log out. One of my towns got attacked today while I was at work (yes, this is one of those games that keeps playing even when you’re not logged in).  Fortunately, I had very good defenses and nothing happened. Not that I would’ve mind too much.  The five-person alliance is considering joining a larger one to make a greater presence but I’m not willing to be any more active than now.  I think it was a good run, even if I didn’t really get to the higher levels.  My decision will become final come the end of the week.

Two days have gone by without me going to the gym or practicing.  Sunday, because I took a nap and got up at eleven, then stayed up all night doing geek stuff and even downloading bit torrents.  I even downloaded Twilight to see what all the fuss was about.  It’s true there are better choices out there for vampire movies, but if you’re going to make an angst-y teen movie it does become a bit cooler with vampires in it.  So for late night it was ok.  What was not ok is that I got very little sleep that night because I just kept downloading stuff and testing the MPEG encoding with the captured video streams from Saturday.  I also downloaded a ton of music files from artists I heard of from the internet (Kings of Leon and Paramore if you want to know).  Nothing really spectacular but perhaps they’ll grow on me.

For some reason, I’m really into music lately.  I’m not much for rap or hip-hop, but a good dose of alternative rock helps.  I sometimes tend towards the more emo, goth version and other time for the pop or alternative pop flavors.  Not much into punk rock though.  I think I’m going through a pop mainstream phase.

I haven’t tested the new guitar pics. I have to make up for not practicing two days in a row.  Perhaps I will hit the gym. I did do both on Saturday.  I tried running and got exhausted in less than four minutes but endured five before I had to start gasping for air. Practice on Saturday was TERRIBLE, I really sound something awful and I think I have the chords all wrong.  I’m also afraid of tuning the guitar at all since I broke that string last week. Perhaps the new pics will help.

I had a request for friendship from someone I knew ages ago back in the homeland who was always negative.  I can’t stand eternal sufferers, all they want to do is gorge up in their misery and drag you down with them.  I find myself always gravitating towards happy, positive people.  Whether that is shallow or not, I don’t know.  I just know most of the time whenever I have happy news, there’s some people I can’t ever tell anything to since they will just have some bad news on their end to counteract them.

I believe we all have the right to be happy and to look for our happiness.  But life will not give it to you for free.

You have to search for it, find it, and take it.

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